These values are essentially the character traits of successful CEOs. We follow them ourselves here in the CPA firm. We learned about Goals and Inspiration. As the business owner, I wake up inspired and full of goals, but now everyone is starting to think that way. Before that was about Conflict. We now view conflict as a means of personal growth. A few months later, when faced with a conflict situation, I re-read that value and made notes before the meeting. It was that value that stopped me from telling a client to take a hike. It was a $110,000 per year contract. And the relationship is now mutually rewarding.

Bob B, owner of CPA firm
The program has changed our entire management team; helping us be more productive and increase retention. Not only that but we have seen lives transformed by it, making us all better people.

Francisco Alarcon, Digital Dish Manager
These principals have been a clear guide to me and my business. I have used them in both good and challenging business environments. I have found these values to be eye opening to me, my business, and my family.

Brian P. Proctor, AIF ®
Investment Adviser Representative of Investment Partners, LTD
Pipes Insurance Service, Ltd.