Global Priority Solutions, LLC is a program for governments desiring the benefits of creating an environment based on ethical character. This is done using our RoundTable methodology, which is a weekly, one hour, small group activity led by your people. 

Four steps to bring the values to your department:

  1. Review the 40 values on-line
  2. Review Module Book for organizations on our materials page
  3. Learn how to do a RoundTable
  4. Make sure leadership is involved

Global Priority works with these governmental systems:

  1. Police / Sheriff Departments
  2. Federal and State Correctional Systems
  3. Military (all divisions)
  4. Schools / Universities (administration and staff)
  5. Judicial Systems
  6. Other Branches of Government (Taxation, Operations like the CIA)

Leadership Matters

In order to successfully implement RoundTables throughout your organization, the leadership must approve and endorse the program. If leadership is not on board, we encourage you to start RoundTables on your own either during a lunch hour with co-workers or with friends outside of work.